Ruediger Kuehr 6 years ago
= Prospecting Secondary Raw Materials in the Urban Mine and Mining Waste – Read more… Read More

Studies for the European Commission:

Ruediger Kuehr 6 years ago
“Study on WEEE recovery targets, preparation for re-use targets and on the method for calculation of the recovery targets”... Read More

Development of National E-waste Management Systems

Ruediger Kuehr 6 years ago
(Otmar Deubzer, Elisabeth Herbeck, Ruediger Kuehr) GIZ Expert Pool PiP = Person-in-the-Port Project   Read More

E-waste Quantification

Ruediger Kuehr 6 years ago
ORAMA – Optimising quality of information in Raw Materials data collection across Europe – Read more…   Read More

Step – Solving the e-waste problem Initiative

Ruediger Kuehr 6 years ago
StEP – an independent, multi-stakeholder platform for designing strategies that address all dimensions of electronics in an increasingly digitized... Read More

Global E-waste Monitor 2017

Ruediger Kuehr 7 years ago
A new report on global e-waste — discarded products with a battery or plug — shows a staggering 44.7... Read More