4th Series of SCRREEN Expert Group Workshops Took Place In Berlin

4 weeks ago Ruediger Kuehr 0

The 4th series of Horizon-2020 SCRREEN-project (http://scrreen.eu/) workshops took place December 10-12, 2018 in Berlin, focused on Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). The workshops covered the production, markets, policies, and circular economy aspects of CRMs.
UNU-SCYCLE organized and moderated the CRMs and Circular Economy sessions with approximately 40 participants. The workshop presented recent findings about CRM contents in electrical waste and electronic equipment, batteries, and end-of-life vehicles.
Subsequently, policy makers, industry leaders, and academics presented facts, ideas, and recommendations to enable the CRM recycling from these products. Pros and cons were discussed in order to decide on useful and viable measures that could help make the EU less dependent on external sources for CRMs.
The Expert Groups, established in the SCRREEN Project, shall serve as a platform for further CRMs-solutions discussion between the various stakeholder groups, academics, policy-makers at both the national and EU levels, and industry leaders.
Contact at UNU-SCYCLE: deubzer@vie.unu.edu