Ruediger Kuehr 1 week ago
The Global E-waste Monitor 2020 provides the most comprehensive overview of the global e-waste challenge, Read More

Behavioral Change for the Circular Economy

Ruediger Kuehr 3 months ago
What is the role of consumer behavioral change in a circular economy? Read More

E-waste will double by 2050. Business-as-usual is not an option to cope with it: UN Initiative

Ruediger Kuehr 10 months ago
E-waste is referred to as the world’s fastest growing solid waste stream. Since 2000, e-waste has grown from 20... Read More

Release of Mercury Report

Ruediger Kuehr 2 years ago
14 December, Bonn – “In 2017,  6.2 million metric tonnes (Mt) of mercury-added product waste were generated worldwide, Read More

E-waste Statistics Guidelines

Ruediger Kuehr 2 years ago
According to the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership, the whereabouts of most of the global e-waste is currently unknown Read More

Person-in-the Port (PiP) Study

Ruediger Kuehr 2 years ago
About 3/4 of 60,000 tonnes of used electronic equipment shipped to Nigeria Read More

Urban Mine Platform online available now

Ruediger Kuehr 2 years ago
Expert organisations have united to create the world’s first European database of Read More

Global E-waste Monitor 2017

Ruediger Kuehr 3 years ago
A new report on global e-waste — discarded products with a battery or plug — shows a staggering 44.7... Read More