First Dutch Battery Flows Monitor

3 years ago Ruediger Kuehr Comments Off on First Dutch Battery Flows Monitor

UNITAR/United Nations University present an in-depth analysis of the portable battery waste flows in the Netherlands for 2019. The Netherlands generated 9.5 kt of battery waste and reached the collection target set by the Battery Directive with a 50.6% collection rate. Nevertheless, 36% of the battery waste generated took a different route than the compliant recycling ending up in residual solid waste or being treated together with non-WEEE compliant waste flows; 5 % is estimated to be embedded in exported used EEE or WEEE. The whereabouts to 11% of the battery waste generated is still unknown.

The study provides recommendations on how to expand the monitoring of battery flows, improve the account of battery in use or hibernation in the country and suggests ways to improve the collection rate of battery waste in the future, while diverting flows from unwanted destinations.

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