WasteForce “Watch the Waste” final conference message: Keep the Momentum

3 years ago Ruediger Kuehr Comments Off on WasteForce “Watch the Waste” final conference message: Keep the Momentum

Illegal activities with waste take many forms. The WasteForce Project aimed to tackle this by boosting the capacities of environmental enforcement authorities in their efforts to disrupt the illegal waste trade. Under the WasteForce project, an extensive range of tools and resources have been specifically designed to make it easier for policy-makers, regulators, inspectors, investigators and prosecutors to counter waste crime.

During the final WasteForce conference (online) Friday the 7th of May 2021, these tools and capacity building activities were presented, including:

  • A methodology to calculate the economic damage of waste trafficking
  • The waste crime prosecution guidance
  • The use of forensics data analysis
  • An assessment methodology to measure the impact of new policies on the global waste trade
  • Waste Crime Alerts
  • 4 Multi-agency training events and 8 webinars

The conference, attended by 144 representatives from 37 countries and representatives from Interpol, WCO, UNEP, AECAN, OLAF and the European Commission, also discussed the legacy and opportunities to build on the products and networks developed under the WasteForce project.

For more information on the publications and tools please visit the WasteForce website

For an overview of the project’s activities Watch the WasteForce project video on https://vimeo.com/546537363