New Video “The Electronic Waste Challenge: A Global Perspective”

5 years ago Ruediger Kuehr Comments Off on New Video “The Electronic Waste Challenge: A Global Perspective”

Growing electronic waste (e-waste or WEEE) volumes from consumers are a challenge for low and middle income countries. Informal recycling of valuable and hazardous components creates an income opportunity for the poor, but poses major health and environmental risks and also reduces resource efficiency. Illegal e-waste exports make this problem worse, particularly where there are no environmentally sound recycling facilities in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Informal collection can be supported by trainings, formal e-waste management businesses, and legislation like extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws, leading to a more sustainable circular economy.

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This film was developed by GIZ Sector Project “Concepts for Sustainable Waste Management and Circular Economy”, on behalf of German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and in cooperation with the United Nations University SCYCLE Programme. (c) GIZ 2019.