StEP Initiative now an Association

5 years ago Ruediger Kuehr Comments Off on StEP Initiative now an Association

1st Oct. 2019  After twelve years hosting by the SCYCLE Programme, the Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) Initiative has just become an official Association under Austrian law. This was mainly to position StEP to independently acquire funding to perform projects. This change comes with a new membership system, which also allows individuals to join the Association.

The development of StEP, which followed UNU research on computers and the environment in the early 2000s, was initiated at the Electronics Goes Green (EGG) conference in 2004 and then steered by UNU, Hewlett Packard, and the promotion team Wetzlar, finally leading to a formal launch at the UN Secretariat in New York in 2007. Since then, the SCYCLE Programme functioned as host of the StEP Secretariat.